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Largely based on the historic 'Million dollar homepage', Infinitehomepage was created to allow people the chance to shape and edit any part of an infinitely long website. The site features 1065 editable sections before entering infinity. Users may also lock any of these sections permanently, or for one week through the built in auction system.

Please feel free to create an account to see the full site functionality, or log in with the following shared account:

Username: testaccount
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Created for Bob Wezell, photographer of African landscapes, animals and people. This website displays the galleries published by Bob, with the images that were displayed at his biennual exhibitions in Rottingdean museum.

We Are Really Doing It

A site created for a travel blogger, featuring three separate blogs each dedicated to the exploration of different parts of the world.

Smaller Projects

A collection of smaller projects I have worked on. Each project is labeled according to the main technology used. Technical projects also have their own github entry and the source files can be downloaded as a zip.

Portfolio of Work

Above is a slideshow showcasing some of my lastest work. Click on a slide for more information and links. For more examples please contact me using the form below.


Responsive design

Websites need to look good and function well, no matter what device is used to access them. Your website will be tailored to be fully usable with any size screen, from small mobiles to widescreen desktops.

Expert code

I take full control over the code for each website, ensuring your site will be completely free of bloat and as efficient as possible. Your site will be completely tailored to your needs, I won't cut any corners to create your vision.

Fast websites

Something I focus on is website speed, the time it takes to load a page and the performance of a website on even the least powerful of systems. All websites I create are designed to load as quickly as possible and run on any system using a modern browser.

Content Managed

Log in to your new website and edit every word with a simple and intuitive interface and control every aspect of your site without touching any code. Depending on your needs I will choose the best system for you, from Wordpress to Concrete5.

About Me

I am a 28 year old web developer, based in Brighton, UK. From a very early age I developed an interest in problem solving, something that's useful everyday in website development. I specialise in creating websites that load very fast on all systems, from mobiles to desktops. I am fluent in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP, which I use together to bring a web project to fruition. I would love the opportunity to create your website from scratch, upgrade your existing site or anything in between.

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